Puglia Italian Wedding, Ceylan & Emre

The story of beloved Ceylan and Emre that started on the Istanbul-Italy plane.

They had a few days in Bari, Italy, to spend with all their loved ones.

Everyone was getting ready for the first evening. All the details looked spectacular.

Open buffets were set up, each plate was a colorful one. The laughs in the upstairs tale, the smiling eyes, the cups for the humans …

When we woke up in the morning, there was a diligent work in the garden of Castello Marchioni. There was a very imposing appearance here. It looked amazing in the middle of a green grassy garden.

A wonderful wedding dress adorned with roses of salmon was a wonderful fit on the long table. The colors, the environment, the weather, everything was perfect.

While the guests were waiting in the outside garden, the doors opened one by one and were read because of everyone’s astonishment. The building that we have been in since the morning will be quite surprising that everyone has wrapped up in the phone :)

After guests have taken their place, beloved Ceylan and Emre are seen from the violin concert.

Apparently, they were in attendance.

With applause and smiles, they said the most beautiful yes.

A romantic kiss crowned that moment …

The meal seemed incredible again as everyone passed the fairytale. The glasses were cold, the food was good.

When the music was up, everyone was in the middle. Dances were made, songs were sung …

The naked-cake prepared for Ceylan and Emre looked delicious.

The cake was cut, they removed their glasses for invitees this time, and then there were wooden legs in the back garden.

The confusion of the guests was being read in hundreds. They made that day unforgettable in the presence of various shows. They have done a formal show in the garden of Castello Marchioni with their colorful clothes.

Everyone’s happiness and peace was read through their faces.

Ceylan and Emre’s unforgettable weddings in Bari, we have had memories of every moment.