Özden + Mehmet – Save The Date – London

Love Story in London

In April 2016 we accumulated warm and warm moments in London’s cold and dark air. To witness the wonderful love we started at the Jubilee Garden on London Eye. She was standing with us most sincerely. On the one hand we made a city tour and on the other hand we got great squares. There is an incredible fund for us in front of every door in London. Red, pink doors fitted with flowers .. The white houses at the end of the street lamps witnessed one for Özden and Mehmet’s sake. Bizee remained that love to reflect on the photos of Save the Date. As we walked on the curbs, we walked in the streets, while we were breathing in the corner of the houses, we were framed in the most natural state. While we were traveling on the streets of London, we were down to Buckingham Palace. Incredible historical texture and love that we discovered together with magnificent architecture. We are very close to our friends and we have a holiday and like to stop their love over time .. Magical and passionate ..