Nazanın + Kamran

That day it started for us in the garden of the Four Season. The first kisses under the rusty sunshine dispersed the room for preparation, dear Nazanin and Kamran.

While the makeup and hair were being made, the excitement was increasing for the evening.

The champagne was blown and the glasses were ventilated for Nazanin and Kamran.

She looked dazzling when she met her marvelous wedding dress. At the beginning of Four Seaons’ long corridor, Kamran was seen dropping from his eyes.

We took pictures of each other so that they could remember their musmutlu moments forever.

The organization had spectacular details belonging to Iranian culture.

Cluster of bunches of grapes, almonds … A table decorated with white flowers ..

For the wedding, everyone gathered in the garden, waiting for Nazan and Kamran to immortalize their love.

The words were handed over in front of the Bosphorus, accompanied by oaths.

And he went in for the first dance. Under the lights, everyone’s eyes smile at their first dance in the face of smile.

Later on in the accompaniment of the drums everyone found himself at an dance floor.

The choreographers were dancing in the accompaniment, followed by a marriage of delicious pastries.

Everyone’s happiness was read through his eyes.

It was great to leave the memories they can remember over and over again, which they can not forget throughout their lives.