Granada, Spain Wedding Story

We started our journey in Spain-Granada this time of happiness. We stepped into Granada, which has a fascinating biosphere, for the wedding of Sare and Taner.

We were in an exciting phase of preparation when we came to Sare. Everyone’s happiness was read through his eyes. Taner also had an exciting preparatory ceremony. The bow was hooked, the buttons were hooked up and the way went to get Sare.

We have always loved the first meeting moments, the first day’s excitement, the wedding dresses and the groom’s first mutual views … We have always been very impressive …

They come out to the road, to the restaurant in the mountains, to the guests waiting for them.

After a few hours of minimal, entertaining and enjoyable time, start exploring Granada for a photo shoot.

The streets, parks, trees, buildings witnessed the love of Sare and Taner.

We have been instrumental in remembering those moments forever.

The next day, this time out into the streets with different clothes. The walls, the courtyards have been dwelling on us this time.

Following the words given the day before.

The hands they hold tightly, if they remain so for the rest of their lives