Gorgeous Weekend ın Thassos – Özge and Erkan


Our adventure in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. ‘Thasos’

Ozge and Erkan’s wedding stories began with a meal that was eaten the night before the wedding. It was that weekend when we had incredibly enjoyable experiences away from the most stereotypical ideas. When we were on the morning of the wedding, everyone had already come down to the sea wearing their bikinis, their twine. Without haste, they spent their wedding day taking off every moment. Cocktails were drunk, seafood was made, and preparations started slowly. Dearest Gokhan decorated with olive branches Özge’s hair. The elegance flowed from each leaf. As a matter of fact, all the details together are almost invisible to our eyes and the olives are still in their hands.

The bridal paths to the shore club were decorated with flowers wrapped in orange. Despite being carelessly dispersed, they looked spectacular. The sunsets, the love eyes and the camera ..

We witnessed the first dances that started under the lanterns after the marriage ceremony. All the spontaneous images were spectacular for us. Halays, game airs and dances. The wedding never ceased to end. The wedding took place after the dance floor. Skirts, bare feet and plenty of fun on the sand.

At the birth of the day, we were together with Ozge. After the last night, it was reflected in the eyes of happiness, of course you did not want to miss that silhouette. He put on his trumpet, put on his dress, and then we got some great squares out. On the sand, at the sea, in the olive groves .. There were great photographs left over from that weekend.

And now the next morning of the wedding, we started shooting a few shots. Because the eyes were so different, with fresh, new feelings.

Thasos to see, every time we come to live the same healers.

Wedding Locations: Thassos
Wedding Organization: Aisha Wedding