Circassian Wedding Photographer // Dijan and Murat

A circassian girl gets married. Everyone knows how much we love circassian wedding, so when we first talk with Dijan on the phone for the first time I was so  excited to get a chance to attend to see the circassian wedding culture and folk dance. And the wedding day was just beyond that.

Istanbul Wedding PhotographerBride's present A sunny Istanbul Wedding Day Bride's best friend Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-02 Groom is coming to pick up his bride Last cry Happy end! Bridal hangin on the wall Bride's wedding ring Cheers Bride's portraits, wedding ring and bouquet Bride is in the garden Bride is in her bridal Wedding portraits for bride

Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-13 Bride's father is preparation The bride and bridesmaid Groom and Bride kissing! Ceremony Frist dance Istanbul Wedding Photographer Destination Wedding in Istanbul , Esma Sultan Yalısı Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-21 Wedding Details Best friends Wedding details Weddings details Guests are coming to Esma Sultan for the wedding ceremony Esma Sultan Yalısı , The best wedding location venue Guests are attending the wedding Everyone is ready for the ceremony Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-32 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-33 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-34 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-35 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-36 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-37 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-38 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-39 Bride's father and her cousin are in tears for a perfect speech Bride and Groom's speech Circassian Wedding in Istanbul Circassian Wedding photographer Istanbul Circassian Weddings Çerkes düğünü Wedding cake Cheers After Party After Party Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-51 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-52 Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-53 Bride and Groom gets crazy at after party The craziest after party ever Istanbul-Wedding-Photographer-DijanMurat-57 The craziest party