A wedding story in Bodrum, Caresse Luxury Resort Hotel

The story of Dilan and Eren, where the olive trees began in the house inside. We are seen with wavey hair and lush eyes. It was obvious from that moment onwards. Plenty of laughs!

The drums came with Eren, the plays were played, the champions were blown. And Dilan left home in the company of applause and smiles.

They had a great time in their nods, they posed with naked feet with happiness gushing out of their blind eyes.

When I wore the magnificent wedding dress, all the pieces seemed to be sitting instead.

He took his place before Eren, Dilan, for the first encounter.

He could read through his eyes, happiness in both. We have gathered Eren, who saw him at the top of the stairs, and memorable squares.

At the first time we saw Eren when marriage time came and clasped, with her mother in her arm. Then Dilan came with his father with a big smile. Their marriage was shrouded with great enthusiasm. They hugged, after the most beautiful yes.

And we were very happy that we were witnesses in their eyes when they came to the track for the first dance.

The flying skirt, Eren’s gaze, complemented each other.

The music has risen, moved …

Everyone was starting to dance and laugh and have fun.

We spent a wonderful weekend in Bodrum to witness the love of Dilan and Eren.

It was a great feeling for us to leave unforgettable memories from the day to be remembered.

With the smile on the first day never to disappear.