The most emotional wedding in Aslı Tunca, A Perfect day!

Our paths crossed with dear Ece and Alican shortly before their wedding. Asli Tunca Hotel, which is one of the unique hotels of Istanbul, stated that they are planning a simple wedding celebration, the frames that we can extract on such a beautiful day came to life in our minds. Our very dear friends, Lisan, with the artistic look and decorations of Ezhar, turned the place into a flower garden alongside its historical texture. That day, Ece preferred a wedding dress in which she would shine in a very simple style befitting the place and herself, and the skirt was extended in the consistency of a princess from behind. As a veil, there was a simple unprocessed veil that it could use in bulk hair. Ece turned into a fairy in the hands of the beloved Jonats Couture team. Let’s watch these unique Aslı Tunca Hotel wedding photos without further ado …

Düğün Mekanı; Aslı Tunca Hotel, Istanbul
Düğün Organizasyon ve Çiçek; Lisan’ı Ezhar